Vlandi, Lilian

Lilian Vlandi was Born in Cairo Egypt on the 1st of August 1959 Both her parents are of Greeks origin who ended up in Egypt with during the construction of the canal of Suez and the Jittery civil war in the north of Greece where her father comes from. She lived in Egypt through her early years until 1967 when her parents moved the family to Athens Greece again due to the 6 days Arab-Israeli war. Her first experience with the tradition of Greek traditional dances happened when she was only ten years old and became her passion even since.

Between 1982 and 1990 she became a member of the ¨Theater of Dora Stratou¨, the highest authority in the country for the preservation of Greek culture and heritage through the expression of dance. She participated to hundreds of the theater’s performances both in Greece and abroad presenting dances from all over Greece and Asia Minor. She taught primarily in private dance schools until 1998 when she decided to create her own dancing group on the island of Mykonos - Cyclades. This group, in addition to regular performances in Mykonos, participated to national dance competitions and received an award from the Greek Ministry of Education. In 2003,the group presented Mykonian traditional dances in the 17th World Congress on Dance Research. In 2006 Lilian was invited to participate at a seminar in the WDC as an honor guest, in Tarpon Springs Florida. During the summer of 2012, she cooperated with the Lyceum Club of Greek Women to incorporate the Mykonian traditional dances into the Lyceum’s curriculum. In 2013 she was invited to participate as an honored guest at Stockton Folk Dance Camp ( CA- U.S.A ). In 2014 she taught at Pan-Asia Dancing camp at Taipei ( Taiwan ).

She is currently actively teaching at private schools in Athens and further researches Greek dances and their effect on the culture and heritage of her country. Lilian is mentioned with honors in innumerous articles of the Greek press and many TV programs for her hard work and dedication to the youth of the island of Mykonos and her passion in perpetuating her country’s culture through all possible platforms.