Tsouvala, Erato

Born in Piraeus / Greece, Erato Tsouvala has studied painting, history of art and modern art and has practiced in the laboratory of Greek artist Antonis Politakis. Her work is influenced by Byzantine hagiography, and is full of eroticism together with a quality of naked forms.

The innovative style of Erato’s paintings immediately captures the art-lovers. Works of art deeply dedicated to the human being, strongly manifest the poetic existence of love and passion, scented with a unique manner. Recent Painting 2003, Untitled Figures are coupled so tunefully but they also keep their individual essence. One can see an ancient Greek breath with a Byzantine hagiography consistency but the real outcome generates a new touch that only Erato could introduce. The forms join into flesh clusters, where from an incomparable eroticism emerges, that tends to spiritualize the image and to compose a hymn to love.The bodies are twisted with elegance in excess, creating unprecedented twins that stimulate and turn out really sensational. The more Erato’s works are observed, the merrier it is realized that a continuous effort of inner research is latent Erato’s Greek parentage is clearly plotted in her works of art, where Mediterranean blue and soil brown colors, combined with the background white, guide the viewer to a soul exaltation, while the red strokes inspire the passion. Erato’s paintings go beyond conventional forms and manieres, bringing new era to the modern artists’ community and sending her sunny poetic message.
by Jim Sofiou

Exhibitions in Greece:

    Gallery “KLIMAKA” - Nikea, Piraeus (3 seasons)
    Gallery “Tassos” - Keratsini, Piraeus (2 seasons)
    Etairia Makedonikon Spoudon - "Peristylio" - Thessaloniki / Greece

Selected International group exhibitions:

    "Art Unbound" Alexandria / Egypt
    "Words and Pictures" Linz /Austria
    Kulturhuset Joenkoeping / Sweden
    Art Beyond Borders Linz / Austria
    "Pulcheria Arte" Piacenza / Italy
    Municipal Gallery Burg Stolberg / Germany
    Heart2Art / Sweden
    Grillparzerhof - Kirchberg o.d. Donau / Austria
    Castle of Travo / Italy
    Castle of Fontanellato / Italy
    Galerie Kandinsky - Vienna / Austria

website: http://members.aon.at/irineos/erato/